Budgeting Done Better™

Pay off your loan faster. Protect your credit. Be debt-free sooner.

With our financial management service, you can change your life without changing your lifestyle by simply adjusting how you make your payments.

How Does AutoPayPlus Work?

AutoPayPlus offers you a flexible payment schedule that matches your payments to your paycheck. To pay off your loan even faster, you can easily adjust how much you pay to what best fits your finances.

Change Your Life Without Changing Your Lifestyle

Since 2003

AutoPayPlus had offering better ways to budget since 2003.

250,000+ Members

Join our members today to know exactly where your money is going.

Over $5.65 Billion

We have transmitted approximately $5.65 billion safely and securely for our members.

Accelerating your loan payments will help you get ahead on your personal finances without making major sacrifices. Our members tell us that committing to an accelerated schedule was the easiest budgeting decision that they ever made.


Stop guessing how much money you’ll have leftover and let AutoPayPlus change your life without changing your lifestyle.

Additional Member Services

Credit Services

Protect Your Credit and Identity

AutoPayPlus offers online access to your credit score from TransUnion and free identity theft monitoring. Sign up today and learn what you can do to get and maintain good credit.

Vehicle Services

Trade-in Value Monitoring

Trading in your car is a normal process of owning your car. Stay up to date on the value of your car with Kelley Blue Book.

Vehicle Services

Vehicle Recall Alerts

Now that you have your new car, let AutoPayPlus help keep you in the know – we’re your first line of defense for recall and service alerts on your enrolled vehicle.