Banking & Security

Security and Banking

At AutoPayPlus®, the safety of your money is our top priority. We use a full range of internet security measures, including routers, firewalls, cryptography, and business processes to safeguard your money and personal information.

Secure, Encrypted Environments

To date, AutoPayPlus has transmitted more than $3 billion securely for our members. Funds are transmitted in a bank-level, secure encrypted environment. AutoPayPlus uses a Tier IV data center with a three-factor security access requirement.

Third Party Monitoring

AutoPayPlus has been validated by Digicert as an EV SSL organization, which protects our website users from bogus phishing sites. Browsers will clearly identify our websites to you at all times and you will know immediately if you are redirected since the browser bar will no longer be green.

A Secure Office Environment

Proper processing of your account is logged and monitored. Our member support team works in a technologically secure office so member information is protected.

All of our employees go through a thorough background check and credit check during the hiring process. All member information is handled in accordance with FTC requirements for safeguarding privacy and sheltering your personal and account information at all times.  AutoPayPlus takes extra steps in protecting our members and against Identity Theft.

Consumer guidelines for keeping your personal information secure online.