Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AutoPayPlus®?

As an industry-leading automated loan payment service, AutoPayPlus allows our members to sync their loans payment to their paycheck schedule. AutoPayPlus is focused on ensuring our members budget better, pay off their loans faster, protect their credit, and become debt-free sooner by simply changing how they make their payments. Members can enroll any fixed-rate loan including home mortgages, student loans, auto loans, recreational vehicles, as well as utility, and credit card bills.  

2. Who is US Equity Advantage and what is the affiliation with AutoPayPlus®?

US Equity Advantage is the provider of the AutoPayPlus service; therefore, we are known as AutoPayPlus by US Equity Advantage. (DBA). AutoPayPlus by US Equity Advantage has enrolled more than 250,000 members, processing more than $5.65 billion in loan payments since 2003. We are dedicated to making sure our members are fully equipped to accelerate their loan payoffs in the most efficient way.  

3. Is there an upfront cost to the member to enroll in AutoPayPlus?

There are no upfront costs to the member for enrolling in AutoPayPlus. There is a $399 enrollment fee on fixed loans or a $199 enrollment fee for leased vehicles. The enrollment fee is deducted from your accelerated payments Once the enrollment fee is satisfied, all additional withdrawals are applied to the principal on the member’s loan. 

4. What if I want to cancel? Are there any cancellation fees?
  • AutoPayPlus does not charge a cancellation fee. However, if the enrollment fee has already been deducted from your account, we do not offer a refund.  
  • AutoPayPlus does allow our members to place a pause on their account if needed.  
5. What are the Additional Monthly Fees Associated with AutoPayPlus®?

Additional fees include:

  • A one-time $2.99 account verification fee and a convenience fee or ACH fee for each withdrawal.
  • $2.99 convenience fee per biweekly, monthly, or bimonthly withdrawal.
  • $1.49 convenience fee per weekly withdrawal.
  • If we are not provided your lender statement, your payment fees will increase by $1.00.
  • Other one-time fees that may occur are a stopped payment fee of $50 and an NSF fee of $29.50.
6. Why do I need to send you my lender statement/loan account number?

Typically, the loan account number will be assigned a few weeks after you have purchased your vehicle and enrolled your auto loan in AutoPayPlus. Having a copy of your lender statement ensures payments are made on time, and you are eligible for the payment guarantee. To activate the payment guarantee, you can conveniently upload your lender statement in the Members Portal by following the steps in the question below. Please note if we are not provided with your lender statement, your payment fees will increase up to $1.00 per withdrawal.

7. How do I securely upload a copy of my lender statement to my AutoPayPlus Members’ Portal account?
  • Simply click “View My Accounts”. 
  • Select the loan you are uploading the lender statement to. 
  • Once you are in the account you wish to upload your lender statement, Click “Upload Documents”. 
  • You will then be taken to a page to Upload a Document. 
  • Click “Upload Lender Statement” 
8. What is the payment guarantee?

Rest assured, with AutoPayPlus on your side, you’re in safe hands. Once we have your Lender’s statement, we pledge to process your loan payment accurately and promptly no later than the specific Lender’s grace period. Should we fail to meet this commitment due to any circumstances within our control, we will not only cover any and all late fees or finance charges you may have incurred (as long as your account with us was maintained in good standing) but also pay a Payment Guarantee to your Lender. This Guarantee, in the form of a Principal Reduction Payment, will be equivalent to one month’s loan payment. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our utmost priority, and our services are designed and guaranteed to ensure that you receive nothing less.

9. What does my enrollment fee cover?

With the enrollment fee, our dedicated US-based support team ensures that accelerated payments are applied to the principal and all other payments are made on time. You will also receive credit protection** from TransUnion®, your car’s trade-in value from Kelley Blue Book®, and recall alerts from DataOne®. 

10. What loans can I enroll in AutoPayPlus®? Is it just for loans?

AutoPayPlus members can enroll any fixed rate loan for automated payments including home mortgage, auto, recreational vehicle, student, or personal loans. You can also automate your credit card and household bill payments. During your 6-month open enrollment period, you and anyone in your household are eligible to enroll an unlimited number of accounts. ACH fees per debit still apply.  

11. How long does AutoPayPlus Open Enrollment Last?

The Open Enrollment lasts 6 months from your AutoPayPlus sign-up date. During this time, maximize your program benefits by adding mortgages, student loans, or credit cards for no additional enrollment fee. A withdrawal fee of $2.99 still applies for each transaction.

12. Why do I need AutoPayPlus® -- can’t I accelerate loan payments on my own?

While you do have access to make payments on your own, you will find AutoPayPlus will ensure your payments are applied to the principal, while lenders will often apply your additional funds to future dated payments. When you try to replicate our services, you may face payment posting obstacles that we would have handled on your behalf. Accelerating loan payments takes time and discipline, while AutoPayPlus is easy and convenient.  

13. How do AutoPayPlus accelerated payments work?

A bi–weekly pay cycle (paid every two weeks) consists of 26 paychecks per year, but you only need 24 to ensure 12 months’ worth of payments are made. The extra two debits are applied to your principal to pay off your loan faster. In other words, two months out of the year, you have three pay cycles in a month. AutoPayPlus takes the extra withdrawals after the initial withdrawals are applied, in full, until the Enrollment Fee has been satisfied. This money is held at an accredited trust bank in a non-interest-bearing account held by U.S. Equity Advantage AutoPayPlus.

14. How can AutoPayPlus® help me accelerate my loan payoff?

With our financial management service, you can change your life without changing your lifestyle by simply adjusting how you make your payments. For example, automated withdrawals are made every two weeks using our most popular payment plan – biweekly. There are 52 weeks in a year, so you’re paying 26 halves each year. This gives you one extra payment toward the principal balance each year, which may enable you to pay off your loan sooner.  

15. Are my transactions secure?

AutoPayPlus takes the necessary measures to ensure your personal and financial information is securely handled. We have a full range of state-of-the-art Internet security measures including firewalls, cryptography, intrusion prevention, and vulnerability testing provided by Compliance Solutions, Inc. to safeguard your money and all your personal information.  

16. Where can I find my transactions and receipts?
  1. Login to your “Members’ Portal
  2. Click “Profile” in the navigation
  3. Scroll down until you see your “Transactions” and “Receipt” tabs in the middle of the page.

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Still have questions?

Speak with Member Support

Our office hours are from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST
Monday through Friday.

Leave a message

Use our contact form to leave a message for our
Member support team.