Expanded learning management system aims to strengthen compliance and improve employee retention

ORLANDO, Fla. (February 16, 2021) – Recent evidence suggests that a well-done onboarding program enhances work performance, boosts job satisfaction, fosters company loyalty and lowers employee turnover rates. AutoPayPlus by US Equity Advantage, the nation’s leading automotive biweekly loan payment service, has launched AutoPayPlus University, an expanded version of the learning management system (LMS) it debuted in 2014 for its dealership partners. This 2.0 version also includes training for the company’s internal employees.
AutoPayPlus University provides enterprise training for new hires, both internally and externally, to strengthen brand consistency and best practices:
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  • For dealer partners, it offers an easier process for new F&I hires to understand how the company’s biweekly payment plan works, including the costs and benefits. Components include a certification exam that must be successfully completed to offer AutoPayPlus’ products to their customers, as well as a code of ethics agreement signed by dealership finance managers to demonstrate the commitment of their F&I personnel to operate in the customers’ best interests by fully disclosing in a clear and simple manner the costs and benefits of the company’s biweekly loan payment services.
  • For employees, AutoPayPlus University is an efficient way to seamlessly train both Orlando-based and remote employees, especially customer service representatives, for their new roles, including learning about the company’s values, policies, and procedures.
“Not only do we operate in a highly regulated industry, we are also entrusted with millions of dollars of our customers’ hard earned money,” said AutoPayPlus CEO Robert M. Steenbergh. “Compliance doesn’t simply mean staying on the right side of government regulations, it means doing everything humanly possible to safeguard what has been entrusted to you. Education and continual training are the foundation for best practices that enable us to earn and maintain that trust.”  
About AutoPayPlus by US Equity Advantage

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, AutoPayPlus is an industry leader in automated biweekly and early loan payoff services for automotive, RV, boat, home and student loans. A seven-time Dealers Choice Diamond Award-winning biweekly loan payment service, AutoPayPlus helps members budget better by matching their loan payments to how they are paid; all while offering them credit protection and avoiding late payment fees. The company also offers dealerships AutoPay+PERKS, an industry-first fintech solution for increasing profits from customer-pay service and boosting customer retention by combining the company’s biweekly loan payment service with the added advantage of a Mastercard debit card at no additional cost to the customer or dealer. For more information, visit www.AutoPayPlus.com.

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