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“I was impressed with AutoPayPlus’ operational focus on client support and customer satisfaction, and the opportunity to work with John again was a plus,” Goode added. “We’re both looking forward to tapping the potential for future growth that awaits our team.”


About AutoPayPlus by US Equity Advantage

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, AutoPayPlus is an industry leader in automated biweekly and early loan payoff services for automotive, RV, boat, home and student loans. A seven-time Dealers Choice Diamond Award-winning biweekly loan payment service, AutoPayPlus helps members budget better by matching their loan payments to how they are paid; all while offering them credit protection and avoiding late payment fees. The company also offers dealerships AutoPay+PERKS, an industry-first fintech solution for increasing profits from customer-pay service and boosting customer retention by combining the company’s biweekly loan payment service with the added advantage of a Mastercard debit card at no additional cost to the customer or dealer. For more information, visit www.AutoPayPlus.com.

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