Company named among the Best Places to Work in Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. (August 21, 2023)AutoPayPlus believes that happy employees lead to satisfied members and industry partners. That philosophy has landed the company on Orlando Business Journal’s list of the “2023 Best Places to Work,” a recognition that honors the region’s leading employers who go beyond the norm to foster an enjoyable and meaningful work environment for their team members. It is a philosophy that has also earned the company a five-star review on Trustpilot.

    The list was compiled based on an independent and confidential online employee engagement survey conducted by Quantum Workplace. The 69 Orlando-based employees of AutoPayPlus rated the company on the following key metrics:

    • I have the information I need to do my job well.
    • My manager helps me be successful in my job.
    • The people I work with are committed to producing top quality work.
    • My job gives me flexibility to meet the needs of both my work and personal life.
    • I find my job interesting and challenging.
    • There is open and honest communication between employees and managers.
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    The employee experience directly affects the customer experience, according to the Gallup organization, which reports a direct correlation between customer satisfaction and employees who are connected to their workplace’s culture and motivated to deliver on the promise it makes to customers. “At AutoPayPlus, we know that by investing in an environment that supports our team, they’re able to support our members,” said Human Resources Director Margaret Orta.” That’s why we take the time and effort to make AutoPayPlus a stellar place to work.”

    The company’s vibrant office space features colorful branding elements anchored by a custom-designed AutoPayPlus family tree that illustrates the company’s foundational values: going above and beyond, focusing on teamwork, having a great work ethic, innovating fresh solutions, and doing the right thing. Leadership is accessible and personable. Team-building activities and celebrations throughout the year include a Halloween costume contest, decking the office with Christmas and other seasonal decorations, an ‘80s throwback event to announce the company’s quarterly performance, and a weekend-long offsite family gathering to celebrate the year’s achievements.

    “Employees spend a large portion of their life at work. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t feel like a second home,” added Robert M. Steenbergh, CEO of AutoPayPlus. “Many companies talk about culture, their values and their people, but they don’t really ‘walk the talk’.” Our goal was to create a feeling that there’s no better place to work and where our employes will never want to leave.”

    About AutoPayPlus by US Equity Advantage

    Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, AutoPayPlus is an industry leader in automated biweekly and early loan payoff services for automotive, RV, boat, home and student loans. With five-star ratings on both Google and Trustpilot, AutoPayPlus helps members budget better by matching their loan payments to how they are paid; all while offering them credit protection and avoiding late payment fees. The company also offers dealerships AutoPay+PERKS, an industry-first fintech solution for increasing profits from customer-pay service and boosting customer retention by combining the company’s biweekly loan payment service with the added advantage of a Mastercard debit card at no additional cost to the customer or dealer. For more information, visit


    Katherine Pett

    Chief Marketing Officer for AutoPayPlus

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