Payment Guarantee

Payment Guarantee

Once we receive a copy of your lenders statement we guarantee your payment WILL be made on time.

AutoPayPlus has processed approximately $5.65 billion reliably.

Our team is confident that your payments will be handled by the same high-quality service that we have provided to over 250,000 members.

How our Payment Guarantee Works

Rest assured, with AutoPayPlus on your side, you’re in safe hands. Once we have your Lender’s statement, we pledge to process your loan payment accurately and promptly no later than the specific Lender’s grace period. Should we fail to meet this commitment due to any circumstances within our control, we will not only cover any and all late fees or finance charges you may have incurred (as long as your account with us was maintained in good standing) but also pay a Payment Guarantee to your Lender. This Guarantee, in the form of a Principal Reduction Payment, will be equivalent to one month’s loan payment. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our utmost priority, and our services are designed and guaranteed to ensure that you receive nothing less.