AutoPayPlus® Family Tree

AutoPayPlus is more than just a company. We’re a family of talented, eager individuals who are always seeking new ways to grow. This AutoPayPlus Family Tree has been strategically designed to encapsulate who we are and we’re excited to share it with you!

The foundation of our Family Tree is our Core Values. They include going above and beyond, staying committed to being a team, having an excellent work ethic, demonstrating how we care, making sure to always do the right thing, and focusing on innovation.

The colors of our Family Tree reflect the colors of AutoPayPlus and follow the same order of the gear found in our logo. Each color represents different departments within our company:
Blue – Office of CEO
Green – Card Services and Sales
Yellow – Operations and Finance
Purple – Member Experience
Red – Technology and Data Processes
AutoPayPlus Tree Design with icons of each department
CEO icon

AutoPayPlus® Founder

Since 2003, our Founder and CEO Robert Steenbergh has built AutoPayPlus around helping people budget better. In 2021, he was named one of Orlando Business Journal’s CEOs of the Year.

light bulb icon


As a Fintech company, AutoPayPlus is constantly looking for ways to improve the member experience and make budgeting better. By partnering with other best-in-class companies, we can offer members better value with additional services.

asset icon

Collaboration & Teamwork

Teamwork is one of our core values. It’s about collaborating, committing, supporting and respecting one another. To achieve excellence, we can’t do it alone.

stars icon


Our team of passionate, dedicated individuals provides value to our members and partners every single day. Ultimately, we want everyone to live a better life with better financial choices.

Card Services

AutoPayPlus is constantly seeking new and innovative services to drive our continued growth. We use these services to help our partners grow their businesses and help our members achieve financial success.
auto icon


AutoPay+PERKS boosts service engagement for dealerships while giving members promotional credits. It’s a loyalty program that benefits both members and partners.
tools icon


Along with our PERKS program, we now offer a MAINTENANCE program to boost dealership retention. There are many benefits to this program that extend beyond the ones we provide for our AutoPayPlus members.
hand shake icon


Our sales team is the driving force of our company growth. Our successful partnerships start with this team and our professional relationships continue with them.
college education icon


The backbone of our business is our operations team. This group serves as the liaison between lenders and members. It is composed of the following departments: Resolutions, Lender Relations, and Treasury Management & Services.


Our finance department is crucial to everything we do. They plan and manage our long-term and day-to-day expenses which help get us to where we want to go.
dollar icon


As a part of the finance department, our accounting team plays a crucial role in our success through managing quantitative financial information to ensure sound business decisions. For our members, we have been able to successfully transmit approximately $5.65 billion safely and securely.
money talks icon

Lender Relations

It is the responsibility of this team to work directly with financial institutions to ensure that our members’ payments are made accurately and on time. As a result, they can provide solutions to any financial difficulties that may arise in the future.
headphone icon

Member Experience

Member Experience keeps our members up-to-date on our new, value-added services. Marketing, member support and member relations constantly strive to provide the best possible experience for AutoPayPlus members.
donation icon

We Care for Our Members

When members enroll in our services, they become a member of the AutoPayPlus family. With this, they get access to innovative tools and programs, five-star member support, and a company devoted to their financial well-being.
cross shield icon

Insurance Price Protection Guarantee

Coming Soon!

smart phone icon

Mobile App

Coming soon: the AutoPayPlus app. With this app, members will get debit reminders, service announcements and account updates straight to their phone.
rocket icon


As AutoPayPlus grows, so does our commitment to offering new, innovative services and programs. As technology advances, we’re always looking for services that will help our members reach their financial goals.
group icon

Data and Information Collection

As a first priority, we use technology to protect sensitive information and provide value-added services.
gears icon

Operational Process Improvement

To make sure our programs provide value to both members and partners, the process improvement team analyzes data and guides company decisions.

What are the blank spaces in our family tree?

Find out what opportunities are available for you. Each department is always looking for opportunities of growth, innovation, and people that will help AutoPayPlus do great things for our partners and members.